Sunday, October 12, 2008

Into the Volcano

Into the Volcano by Don Wood
Sumno and Duffy (brothers) are told they must travel to a volcanic island to help an aunt they have never met. When they arrive on the island, they soon discover that their mysterious auntie is up to no good. They are sent on an expedition that take them on a wild boat ride straight into an erupting volcano. Facing extreme danger, they hike inside the volcano and eventually escape--after Sumno saves Duffy's life. Visit Don Wood's website to discover more about volcanoes and the making of this book.


Heather Christiansen said...

...The visual format combined with nonstop action will keep reluctant readers and adventure fans turning pages to the very end.

Paula Willey/School Library Journal said...

...exciting and unusual offering. It is a rare example of a graphic novel for young people that is neither manga nor mainstream.

Kirkus Reviews said...

The narrative moves along swiftly and incorporates elements of fantasy...a rollicking, fast-paced story...a creative yarn of greed, family and survival.