Friday, February 22, 2008

The Facttracker

The Facttracker by Jason Carter Eaton
I picked it up this morning and read page after page because I wanted to know what would happen next. I read some parts twice because I knew they were important, and even laughed outloud! Here are a few quotes to give you an idea about this book:
"It's extremely easy to be mean to people you don't really know."

"...a good lie can be very convincing, even to a facttracker...sometimes factchecking is more important than facttracking..."
"When you've tracked facts as long as I have, you don't need a veriscope. My eyes are my veriscope."
"If you could weigh the United States, its center of gravity would be Friend, Nebraska..."
But, you might be wondering, what is this book about?
Here's just one more quote for you that might help with that question:
"There will always be lies, and there will always be liars...the true test of a society isn't how many lies it has; it's how many it believes..."


librarycat said...

This is a clever and delightful book about a "just small enough" boy whose facts have been lost. When an explosion seems to destroy his only hope of finding his identity, the boy and the Facttracker must battle the Facttracker's evil twin to prevent him from taking over the world--with lies. In the story, facts pop out of a machine written on little slips of paper, but lies are little voices because "it's easier to change your story" when things aren't written down. Things get a little too silly and absurd towards the middle of the book, but overall I really liked it-even the Table of Contents was entertaining! This book would definitely appeal to fans of the Lemony Snicket series. Rating **** Cheryl W

Nan Hoekstra said...

I agree entirely -- thanks for mentioning the Table of Contents! Look for this book to make the first "best of the berries so far" list!

Lori G said...

A creative read. Younger readers, or those reading it at school in those "reading minutes" may appreciate the short, quick chapters. The ideas behind those quick bits, are deeper though. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't call it 'a classic in the making.' I give it 3***.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the way the chapters were written and the just small enough boy is a very sweet character.
I thought the lies were very funny and the Liebrary was a great place to keep them. Would being a Facttracker be an interesting job? Reminds me of some of the librarians I know.
It may be easier to make up lies and people seem to be more willing to accept them, but in the end, the truth wins out. Very clever little book. I give it 4****!!!!

Carrot in the stew said...

I loved this book. I thought the short chapters were great and the just small enough boy is a loveable character. I enjoyed the books humor and thought it had a good lesson at the end. Lies are easy to make up and most time easy to believe, but the truth is always the best.
I give it 5*****