Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the Mud by Jane Clarke, Illustrated by Garry Parsons
A hysterical hen is convinced that her beloved chick is meeting his doom in the farmyard's deep, thick mud. After getting stuck herself trying to free him, she enlists the entire farm population to help her; one by one, each gets entrapped in the mud as well. The chain of pullers and pushers grows long enough to require a gatefold spread, at which point the cheeky chick reveals that he was never in any danger: "It's time I got out," he announces. "And with a small plop,/ Chick jumped off the mud/ with a skip and hop." This is a picture book.

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Tasha Saecker said...

The art here is so funny and inviting. Done in a cartoon style that will make small children right at home, it is perfectly paired with the zany text that will have children even more at home. The text is pitch perfect, reading aloud so easily that it fairly skips along. This is the perfect book for a toddler story time where children will love to shout out the animal names and join in the straining to push and pull the animals out of the mud.
Highly recommended for ages 3-6.