Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Audrey

Little Audrey by Ruth White
In 1948, eleven-year-old Audrey lives with her father, mother, and three younger sisters in Jewell Valley, a coal mining camp in Southwest Virginia, where her mother still mourns the death of a baby, her father goes on drinking binges on paydays, and Audrey tries to recover from the scarlet fever that has left her skinny and needing to wear glasses.


Marie Orlando said...

...A note to readers and the cover photograph of Audrey...make this story all the more real and compelling. A little gem.

Jane Van Wiemokly said...

...Audrey is a survivor of disease, poverty, and hunger. Although the story is slight, the setting is perfectly portrayed and the characterizations ring true. Audrey looks up to her schoolteacher and her mother, for caring and doing the best one can in their circumstances. It is not a bad lesson to subtly bring out for the discerning reader.