Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slow Storm

Slow Storm by Danica Novgorodoff
A firefighter in rural Kentucky, Ursa searches for her place in life, struggling to meet her own expectations. When a tornado hits her town, the ensuing chaos brings her world into sharp focus, somehow making everything clearer, and Ursa finds that she just can’t stomach the way her life is going. It is then that she meets Rafi, an illegal immigrant whose life isn’t going the way he’d pictured it either. Their encounter is the catalyst for Ursa and Rafi, who take different roads to the realization that wanting your life to change isn’t enough to make it happen.

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Steven Kral said...

...a very literate and rich graphic novel. The illustrations are masterfully done and often wordlessly tell the story as well as convey the mood. They also allow her to sprinkle in heavy doses of symbolism that let the reader see inside the characters. As the novel essentially comprises a pair of character studies, the plot mainly serves to get Ursa and Rafi together and allow the reader to see the issues underlying their actions. This perceived lack of action might make the book a difficult sell to those patrons who view the term "graphic novel" as shorthand for superhero fantasy in a better cover. For those willing to expand their definition of the genre, the novel will be a wonderful experience.