Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lucky Breaks

Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron, Matt Phelan (Illustrator)
Having reached the mature age of eleven in the tiny California town of Hard Pan (population 43), Lucky discovers that there is still much to learn about friendship, parental trust, and the Milky Way galaxy. "...we humans look up and see what we call stars, but really they are just bits of the immense light from beyond, shining through the jagged holes...If someone lifted that domed lid, the light would be so intense and so beautiful that all the people looking up would lie down on their backs, tears pouring out of their eyes, and die..."

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Carol Edwards/School Library Journal said...

...Unusual metaphors, vivid language, felicitous writing, and the sense of hearing from a realistic, albeit unique child are the strengths that continue in this sequel that is as tightly plotted as the first book.