Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jeremy Cabbage and the Living Museum of Human Oddballs and Quadruped Delights

Jeremy Cabbage and the Living Museum of Human Oddballs and Quadruped Delights by David Elliott
Jeremy Cabbage is an orphan stuck at Harpwitch’s Home for Mean Dogs, Ugly Cats, and Strey Children, where the dogs are treated better than the kids. And things aren’t much better on the outside: the city is ruled by the arrogant and foolish Baron Ignatius von StrompiĆ©, whose Wisdom Wagons ride the streets blaring out gems like “Ignorance is bliss,” and who’s on a campaign to stamp out anyone different. At the top of his list are the cloons, outlandish people who look and act like clowns. Jeremy’s only chance is a good adoption–but who would possibly adopt Jeremy, an unloved, unwanted 11-year-old? The answer sets Jeremy off on an outrageous, comical adventure that could bring him face to face with the Baron himself.
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Carrot in the stew said...

Jeremy Cabbage

Jeremy, sometimes known as Cole Slaw by his friend and one time adoptive parent Tiny, is a very loveable character. This is a cute story with wonderful characters. The story is well written and very descriptive. I think this one has Newbery potential. The kids will love this humerous and touching book.
I will give it 4****

Kirkus Reviews said...

...Take a liberal base of Dickens, throw in a healthy helping of Dahl and spice with a bit of Margo Lanagan, and you might approximate the recipe that yielded this fey little fantasy. . . entertaining and thought-provoking.