Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Other Book

The Other Book by Philip Womack
Edward Pollock lives an ordinary life at his ordinary boarding school, where the food is bad and the teachers are way too serious. But one day he’s inexplicably drawn to a strange and powerful book, and suddenly the boarding school isn’t quite so ordinary anymore. Capable of boosting men to heroism or destroying them in malice and evil, The Other Book has laid dormant for 400 years, waiting for someone to restore it to its original glory. While Edward must do his best to keep The Other book safe, a mysterious new teacher at the school becomes intent of getting a hold of the Book for her own sinister purposes.

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librarycat said...

The first chapter of this book is pretty gory and gruesome (Don't read it on your lunch hour like I did). I just couldn't get interested in this story. There were some truly creepy characters, like evil Lady Anne and her demon/assistant Mrs. Phipps. When Lady Anne feels weak, Phipps dissolves into thick black smoke and Lady Anne breathes it in, then vomits Phipps out again and its body reforms from the .... Ugghh. Nasty book. Two stars ** If you want to read a really good story about a magic book, try "Endymion Spring" by Matthew Skelton.