Friday, June 13, 2008

Did Fleming Rescue Churchill?

Did Fleming Rescue Churchill: A Research Puzzle by James Cross Giblin, illustrated by Erik Brooks
Jason, 10, has to do a report on Alexander Fleming. Stumbling upon conflicting stories on the Internet about a possible connection between Fleming and Winston Churchill, he is encouraged to dig deeper and find out the truth.

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Jennifer Cogan/Bucks County Free Library, Doylestown, PA said...

This is the perfect story to impress upon young researchers the value of accuracy and the enjoyment of fact-finding. Jason, 10, has to do a report on Alexander Fleming...Educators will especially appreciate Jason's teacher's encouragement to start with books such as encyclopedias and biographies before going online for basic facts. This is an entertaining lesson on research skills with a subtle message about not always trusting what one finds on the Web...