Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ironman: Beneath the Armor

Ironman: Beneath the Armor by Andy Mangels
HE LIVES! HE WALKS! HE CONQUERS! In the age of high-tech warfare, he’s the ultimate smart weapon: man and machine combined for maximum impact. He’s Iron Man, AKA millionaire industrialist and visionary genius turned superhero Tony Stark–and he’s rocketing onto the big screen in the most eagerly anticipated new action movie of the year. Now discover everything you need to know about this sensational superhero.

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Moriarty/Ain't It Cool News said...’s a great read, and it surprised me...It’s no simple tie-in...Andy Mangels has written a comprehensive appreciation of the character Iron Man as well as a clear-eyed look at who is really responsible for shaping this Marvel icon.