Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rat Trap

Rat Trap by Michael J. Daley
Jeff and Rat return in this stand-alone sequel to Space Station Rat. Having defeated Nanny, Jeff's wicked robot caretaker, Jeff and Rat begin to learn more about each other. Jeff thinks Rat studies too much. Rat is sick of how Jeff always wants to play games-after a life spent with harsh scientists, it's hard for Rat to let loose. Still, her friendship with Jeff grows stronger-the boy does bring her delicious fruit, after all-but then Rat learns that Dr. Vivexian from the lab she escaped from has figured out she is on the space station. And he's coming to get her.

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Kirkus Reviews said...

...the story is a mite thin on setting and characterization, the fast-paced plot is sure to please fans of computer games and sentient machines and serves to expand the rather skimpy field of middle-grade science-fiction books.