Saturday, December 6, 2008

"A" is for Art Museum

"A" is for Art Museum by Katy Friedland, Marla K. Shoemaker, Philadelphia Museum of Art Staff in association with Temple University Press
This playful primer features 37 full-color illustrations of paintings, sculpture, tapestries, prints, photographs, and installations from the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Children can learn their ABCs while discovering the beauty of a bridge by Monet, a dancer by Degas, a medieval knight’s helmet, a Japanese teahouse, and other wonders from around the world. Explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art here.

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C. Hewson said...

...My son, who is 12 months old, loves flipping through the pages of this book. He always stops at the "D is for Dancer" page and starts laughing and jumping around. The images are beautiful, and the text helps inspire simple conversations with your child about art.