Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The White Gates

The White Gates by Bonnie Ramthun
When his mother becomes the doctor in Snow Park, Colorado, twelve-year-old Tor learns of a curse placed on the town's doctors many years before by an eccentric Ute woman, but suspects that a modern-day villain is hiding behind that curse.


jimmyprell said...

Nan, I'm reading you and awed by all the reading you do. About comments: I think many of us would like more. In addition, I don't think your brand of content, a book description of a title most (all?) of us haven't even read, affords much of an opportunity for comment. You know? Anyway, I think you are cool and great and an important part of what we all do here, this community bound together by books. You are a READER, an avid, insightful, passionate lover of literature. Where, oh where would we be without you?

James Preller

anokaberry said...

thanks james, letter to follow. stay around the sphere, you are salt and light.