Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Lab

The Lab by Jack Heath
As the strongest agent in The Deck, sixteen-year-old Agent Six of Hearts has powers like no mortal man in the world, thus when he discovers that he is the product of an illegal experiment by the Lab, Six takes dangerous steps to find out things about himself that powerful men never wanted him to know.


Paula Rohrlick said...

...rather like a video game—there's not much depth to the characters, and it's all rather solemn, like the humorless main character—but it does move along at a terrific clip, and boys in particular will relish Agent Six's astonishing adventures.

Missy Jones said...

The Lab is perhaps the best book I've ever read. In a time when so much young adult fiction is saturated with themes of misery - mental illness, parental divorce, racism - the adventures of Agent Six in his dark future are a welcome escape for teenagers. The action is electric, the protagonists solid, the message interesting.