Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home by Will Hobbs
Brady Steele watches in awe as a fireball comes crashing through the roof of his house. Brady immediately calls up his cousin, Quinn. They both love all things extreme, and this is the most extreme thing ever! Fred, as Brady names his space rock, turns out to be one of the rarest meteorites ever found. Professor Rip Ripley from the museum in Hill City wants to study a sliver of it in search of extraterrestrial bacteria. He's hoping to discover the first proof of life beyond Earth, a momentous breakthrough for the new science of astrobiology. During a wild week of extreme bicycling, fishing, and caving, Brady and Quinn battle their rivals, the notorious Carver boys, for possession of the meteorite. With each new day, Brady is discovering he's able to do strange and wonderful feats that shouldn't be possible. At the same time, he's developing some frightening symptoms. Could he be infected with long-dormant microbes from space? Is Fred a prize or a menace?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this book.
I loved the setting in the Black Hills of South Dakota and the tidbits of history that were mixed in with the story.
Those 2 boys sure had an extreme adventure!
It was nice to see how good friends help each other. Even those you think of as not such good friends can come through for you when you need them.

librarycat said...

This was a fun read-I loved the setting in the Black Hills,(one of my favorite vacation spots). The characters are typical boys enjoying a freedom-filled summer filled with crazy adventures. The author manages to weave in a little history and science, too. rating **** cheryl w

Lori said...

It has everything a boy might like... adventure, fishing, biking, science, basketball, outer space, and a dog...all set in the modern-day backdrop of the Black Hills. My only problem with it was, that while it had plenty of "extreme" physical adventures, in my opinion it lacked depth in a story line. 3 *** is the best I can give it.