Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Key to Rondo

The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda
There are three rules to the old painted, music box: Wind the box three times only. Never shut the box when the music is playing. Never move the box before the music stops. Leo wouldn't dream of breaking these rules, but does his stubborn cousin Mimi listen? She winds the box four times -- and suddenly the paintings on its side come to life and a powerful witch is released. Now its up to Leo and Mimi to stop the witch, if only they can find the key to the music box -- and the magical world it controls.


Ms. Martha said...

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Is Emily Rodda an American author?

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Carrot in the stew said...

The Key to Rondo reminds me of a fairy tale. The main characters Mimi and Leo don't like each other at first but are forced together in another land called Rondo. They start out looking for Mimi's dog Mutt, and end up finding new friends and discovering quite a bit about themselves in the process. This story had an ending but the way things turned out I am sure there will be more books written about new adventures in the land of Rondo.
I give it 3 ***

librarycat said...

When Mimi's dog is kidnapped by an evil witch, Mimi and her cousin Leo follow her to Rondo, a magical fairytale world that is inside an antique music box. This is a very creative tale that reminded me a bit of the Wizard of Oz (except instead of a cowardly lion, there is a brave pig!) The plot keeps you guessing, and there are some interesting twists and turns at the end. I'll give it 4 1/2 stars ****.