Sunday, March 9, 2008

Redheaded Princess

Redheaded Princess by Ann Rinaldi
For all her royal blood, Elizabeth's life is fraught with danger and uncertainty. Sometimes she is welcome in the royal court; other times she is cast out into the countryside. With her position constantly changing, the Princess must navigate a sea of shifting loyalties and dangerous affections. At stake is her life - for beheading is not uncommon among the factions that war for the crown.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this book.
It was interesting to read about what her life may have been like as a young girl growing up a princess and heir to the throne of England.

Lori G said...

The story incorporated historical figures and background information, but I felt that character development was lacking. I wasn't riveted, but then again, I knew how the story was going to end.
I give it it **.

Carrot in the stew said...

The Redheaded Princess
A great story of Elizabeth as a young girl. I thought it was well written and really got me into the characters of the time.
It made me want to read more about her and her life. I give it 4****