Sunday, November 9, 2008

My So-Called Family

My So-Called Family by Courtney Sheinmel
Leah, who was conceived through a donor bank, decides that even though she loves her mother, stepfather, and stepbrother, she wants to find out if she has any other siblings, and sets out to investigate without telling anyone what she is doing.


Tasha/TeensReadToo said...

...I could really envision Leah's life and felt like I was right there walking beside her. I loved how the sights were real and the story just unfolded in my head. I felt like I was actually living the story instead of just hearing it. Overall, this was an amazing book that readers of any kind will enjoy. Whether you are a young reader, a teen, or even an adult, you will be mesmerized by Leah's story and will learn to truly value the meaning of family. I hope that Ms. Sheinmel will continue on as an author, as she has an amazing talent that definitely shone through in her debut novel.

Little Willow said...

...gets my recommendation - and my appreciation. This is a great story about family values and valuing your family. This notable debut has earned a spot on my Best Books of 2008 list.