Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shoulder a Coffin, Kuro, Volume 1

Shoulder a Coffin, Kuro, Volume 1 by Satoko Kiyuduki
Kuro, a little tomboy garbed in pitch-black with a little-tomboy-sized coffin on her back, heads out on a journey to find a certain witch. In the company of her faithful bat friend, Zen, Kuro encounters all manners of people and places which fire the readers' imaginations.

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Casey Brienza/AnimeNewsNetwork said...

...oddly incidental, rambling better centerpiece the unbearable cuteness of all the fast becomes a site of undistinguished, nigh unbearable boredom. Sorry, but a story that's primarily about how cute someone, or several “someones,” can be when tossed into random, arbitrary sets of environments, one-off supporting characters, and scenarios barely ranks as a story at all to my mind.