Friday, November 14, 2008


Skylar by Mary Cuffe-Perez, Renata Liwska (Illustrator)
Skylar, who claims he was once wild, leads four pond geese in their first attempt at migration when an injured heron asks their help in reaching Lost Pond, where the annual Before the Migration Convention is about to be held.


Kirkus Reviews said... inviting yet suspenseful tale of migration, loss and accomplishment. Realistic black-and-white illustrations add just the right touch.

shadowkitty said...

...a tale of adventure, bravery, acceptance, and coming of age.

librarycat said...

The first and last chapters of this book provide a beautiful frame around this simple story about a group of pond geese who overcome their fears and enter into a great adventure together. This story is not just about migrating geese, it is about leaving your comfort zone to follow your dreams and become all you were destined to be. I really liked this one 5 *****.