Friday, January 2, 2009

End of Year One: Some Stats and Comments

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I entered 796 books into the Anokaberry account at LibraryThing in 2008. You are welcome to look at that collection - at LibraryThing click on the Search tab and enter "Anokaberry", click on "see library". I gave 5 stars to 65 books, 41/2 stars to 16 more and 4 stars to an additional 35. I gave more than 60 books less than two stars. Some have no stars from me because I didn't read them. Some have no stars because I thought they were awful. I wrote personal reviews on a few, those can be found on LibraryThing as well. Anokaberry published three short list plus the vote list. Short List #1 on May 31, Short List #2 on August 13 and Short List # 3 on November 9. I put up the vote list the first week of December. I will post the results of the vote (the Anokaberries!) - from the votes and emails soon. I made a lot of mistakes this first year, enough to seriously consider not doing this another year. I posted almost 800 times. The "mock Newbery" aspect of this blog is still central but I think of it more as an online booktalk of books published in the current year for young people. I focus on books of interest for 8-14 year-olds. I have often wished for more of a voice here -- that may be part of the way Anokaberry becomes Annotated.

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jimmyprell said...

Love the new design and look forward to hearing more of your voice in 2009, my friend. "Annotated" is genius, btw.