Saturday, January 3, 2009

Focus on Putting the Books in the Bowl

I am re-reading my favorites for the 2008 Anokaberries. Yesterday as I was reading -- well, I won't say which one -- I was thrilled with the strength of the characters and the rich unfolding of the plot. I wanted to underline underline underline! I knew I had been there before but - WOW - what a wonderful book. This is the kind of book I want to place in the hands of the youngsters who come into the children's room and say "Do you have any good books?" Yes, that is often the way they ask. I'll be selecting the books for the Anokaberry and making that glorious and difficult announcement soon -- the image of the bowl of berries has settled into my sense about this Anokaberry thing so I won't have a single book and the bowl may seem crowded -- isn't that good? Next year I will definitely be staying with books written with primarily 8 - 14 year-olds in mind, fiction and non-fiction but I am turning the idea of introducing categories to the framework. The end of Year One brings on all these results of hours of thinking, working, reading, writing... I often wonder how others stucture/restructure their blogs and deal with the inevitable changes in direction and focus that process and progress bring. Your comments?

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