Sunday, March 8, 2009

Inside Nan: My Father Read This to Us Every Sunday

This is a memory I think is true. I still know Colossians 3 by heart. My mother read us chapter books every night but Dad read from the Bible. We ate every evening meal together and most times breakfast as well and lunch in the summers and on weekends. We opened every meal with prayer and had devotions after. We sang songs and read the Bible, chapter after chapter. When we learned to read we had our own and went round the table reading verses. Always ending in prayer.

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There are many things to marvel at about this memory, it seems to me. One of them is the lesson that there ap-parent-ly are... words worth reading again and again. Still, the understanding and interpretation of the words may change, another marvel of reading. I'm ruminating about a sensation that I can't quite name... for how hearing & seeing this particular clip of those words is for me. For sure, it's an interesting quilt patch. Thanks for the posting, EJS