Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inside Nan: Some Windows and Spring

May Sarton: Of Havens
Though we dream of never having a wall against
All that must flow and pass, and cannot be caught,
An ever-welcoming self that is not fenced,
Yet we are tethered still to another thought:
The unsheltered cannot shelter, the exposed
Exposes others; the wide open door
Means nothing if it cannot be closed.
Those who create real havens are not free.
Hold fast, maintain, are rooted, dig deep wells;
Whatever human love my be,
There is no freedom without sheltering walls.
And when we imagine wings that come and go
What we see is a house, and a wide-open window.
Robin Becker: Sadness in Spring
Today I thought about how everyone I know
is sad, how amazing that the forests and deserts
and plains can hold us as we get up and walk
from one season to the next.
In spring all sadness is wet and branching, sucking at shoes,
and the anniversaries of deaths
are like tiny tombstones on the trails.
Summer is still so far away, not like our dead who stand
in the woods all night, a few feet from the house.

Marge Piercy: Spring
Spring will come with mud,
and I will slog in boots
to dig and plant my food.
This restlessness will hum
in my blood like a hive
preparing to swarm, and issue
on the still air of summer
buzzing and victorious
to change my life.


Nan Hoekstra said...

This morning I got a music audio from my brother Nate and his wife Karen. A song written by them and sung by Nate. I played it over and over and let sadness flow all around me. I sipped my coffee and looked out the window and cried. And read poetry. And put it up on the Inside Nan.

SEEDSTYLE@aol.com said...

such images, such words. so little, so much. my comment is mostly.. the sound of silence, meditative appreciation. EJS