Sunday, March 1, 2009

Inside Nan: Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism

Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism edited by Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, Foreword by Alice Walker, Introduction by Arundhati Roy
Stop the Next War Now is a reflective look and call to action to end violence, by acclaimed peace activists, experts, and visionaries, including Eve Ensler, Barbara Lee, Arianna Huffington, Janeane Garafalo, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Hong Kingston, and many more. The book shares expert insight on the issues and powers-that-be that encourage war, including the media, politicians, global militarization, and the pending scarcity of natural resources. A powerful, smart, and passionate work, this book aims to educate and reflect on the effectiveness of peace movement activities and offer hope-through shared ideas and action steps - to transform a culture of violence to a culture of peace.

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Thomas J. Baldino/Library Journal said...

...The editors, cofounders of CODEPINK: Women for Peace, have collected essays, letters, poems, and quotes highly critical of the Iraq war, President Bush, and war and terrorism in general. Their objective is to rally people everywhere, and especially women, to oppose war and terrorism and to work to bring peace. Suggestions are offered on strategies for making one's voice heard and on how to network with like-minded people. With a few exceptions, all the authors gathered in the book are women, though a good number are not published writers or political professionals. For example, in addition to an introduction by Alice Walker and contributions from women such as Janeane Garafalo and Nancy Pelosi, there are entries from mothers and siblings who have lost family members in Iraq. Most of the articles reflect the feminist, pacifist philosophy of the editors.