Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Brother Abe : Sally Lincoln's Story

My Brother Abe : Sally Lincoln's Story by Harry Mazer
Forced off their land in Kentucky in 1816, nine-year-old Sarah Lincoln, known as Sally, and her family, including younger brother Abe, move to the Indiana frontier. The jacket art is by Laurent Linn.

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Kirkus Reviews said...

...Sally takes center stage as, struggling to find accommodation between her intelligent, headstrong nature and her desire to be as disciplined, loving and industrious as her beloved mother, she recounts her family's hard trek from Kentucky to the Indiana wilderness, the devastating death of her mother and her slow acceptance of the kindly widow who becomes her stepmother. Mazer is a little hazy on the exact nature of women's work in this place and time, but he sticks to the (skimpy) historical record for people and events, provides some searching insight into young Abe's character and endows Sally with a strong, distinctive narrative voice.