Friday, August 15, 2008

All-Season Edie

All-Season Edie by Annabel Lyon
Follows a year-in-the-life of eleven-year-old Edie Jasmine Snow during which time her beloved Grandfather becomes ill and Edie tries to practice witchcraft, learns to dance the flamenco, ruins the most important party of her thirteen-year-old sister's life, and more.

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La-la said...

A real girlie girl book.
The life and times of an 11 year old girl, youngest of 2 girls in the family.
Lots of sibling rivarly and quite funny in places.
No real story to the book, just snippets of times in Edie's life. I love the chapter on dancing and how Edie learns the flamenco, based on her sister Dexter's suggestion.
I will give it 3*** for the humor..