Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Song: A Novel of New Orleans

Hurricane Song: A Novel of New Orleans by Paul Volponi
Twelve-year-old Miles Shaw goes to live with his father, a jazz musician, in New Orleans, and together they survive the horrors of Hurricane Katrina in the Superdome, learning about each other and growing closer through their painful experiences.


Paula Rohrlick/KLIATT said...

This powerful tale of the evolution of the relationship between a boy and his father, played out against the devastation caused by the hurricane, is a quick but indelible read. The power of the storm and the hellish conditions in the Superdome are vividly and succinctly described. Readers will empathize with Miles as he attempts to do the right thing in extraordinary conditions, and acquits himself like a man.

Ed Goldberg said...

...Hurricane Song wonderfully and vividly and realistically describes the horrors and joys that Miles and other hurricane evacuees endured. It is a book of hope, blending human conditions, music, faith and compassion. It is a must read for everyone, young and old