Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Vanities

The Vanities by Terence Lawlor
The Cinderella legend takes a star turn in this imaginative and contemporary retelling of the familiar tale. Giselle is a savvy and stylish young woman with an unsurpassed talent for hair-styling. Orphaned in childhood, she has since been confined to the shadows of the palace by Carlotta, Delight, and Wilhelmina, three of the most narcissistic and vain denizens of the court. When the town ruler decides to end his reign, he proclaims a grand ball, where the citizen with the most amazing coiffure will be awarded the crown. The three divas squabble to have Giselle execute their creations, but when the contest day arrives, her masterpiece is concealed by a voluminous hood. In a stunning upset, she takes a stand against useless vanity and demonstrates to the townspeople that a true leader must never be victim to fashion. With one bold move Giselle changes her lot in life and transforms the very roots of society.

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...The most beautiful book I bought in years! Although I bought the book for my little girl, I think the whole family loves it as much as she does. For her it is an enchanting fairy tale, that she loves to read over and over again...For the adults of the family it is a true art-book that we can recommend strongly.