Friday, August 8, 2008

City of Time (Navigator Trilogy Series #2)

City of Time (Navigator Trilogy Series #2) by Eoin McNamee
Cati, the bold Watcher readers met in The Navigator, returns from the shadows of time to summon Owen and Dr. Diamond, for time is literally running out. The moon is coming closer to the earth, causing havoc with weather, tides, and other natural cycles; people fear the world will end. To discover what’s gone wrong, Cati, Owen, and the Doctor must take an astonishing journey to the City of Time, where time is bought and sold. There, Owen begins to understand his great responsibility and power as the Navigator.


Kirkus Reviews said...

...this thrilling adventure featuring Cati and Owen leaves the reader satisfied with the resolution, which is not at all pat, and hungering for more. Another walloping good read from a master of the trade.

La-la said...

I didn't read the first book in the series but I was able to get into this one right away. Interesting concept, running out of time...
I liked Owen and his traveling companions but I had trouble with the dogs. I did like the Yeti and his intelligence.. The museum would have been a great place to do a bit of exploring and maybe a chapter on what it contained.
And saving the world with only 3 minutes left on the clock, whew!
I will watch to see if there is another book after this one, I couldn't really tell if the story was going to continue.
I would give it 3 1/2 *'s