Saturday, August 30, 2008


Primavera by Mary Jane Beaufrand
Two powerful families, the tyrannical Medici and their biggest rivals, the Pazzi, are tangled in a bloody struggle for ultimate power. Caught in the whirlwind is Flora, the last daughter of the Pazzi. As her beautiful older sister is being painted by the famed artist Botticelli, Flora is dreading her fate. Destined for life in a convent, Flora is determined to take matters into her own hands, even as her world crumbles around her. When Flora decides runs away, she has no idea that the decision will save her life. As her family falls to their murderous enemy, Flora must find a new life and a new identity.

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L.A. Gallaway said...

...Details of the age are vivid and the writing is sprinkled with Italian words and phrases, giving the reader a strong sense of time and place. Primavera is a worthwhile and enjoyable read.