Sunday, November 2, 2008

Facts of Life: Stories

Facts of Life: Stories by Gary Soto
Gary Soto explores the mysteries of adolescence with humor and poignancy. Through it all, the teens and tweens in these short stories question the rules they've taken for granted, search for their place in the world, and begin to discover how to take their first steps-or even leaps-away from childhood. (jacket flap) Gary Soto's website offers this list of books he suggests and recommends for teen and young adult readers.


Sheilah Kosco said...

...Each story offers an insightful look at a moment in a young person's life. Soto writes with humor, wit, and a voice that will appeal to tweens and teens alike. This work is a terrific addition to the growing collection of literature that features Hispanic protagonists.

Sally Kruger/readingjunky said...

Together,these stories merge to form a touching and honest look at what it means to take the giant step toward being an adult. The confusion, the disappointment, and the challenge of taking this step are evident as Gary Soto masterfully creates his characters and their true-to-life experiences.