Friday, July 18, 2008

Diamond Willow

Diamond Willow by Helen Frost
Diamond Willow, a young Alaskan of Athabascan and European descent, doesn't have many friends; she's happiest when she's sledding her father's dogs and visiting her grandparents. When her first solo dogsled trip to her grandparents ends with a terrible crash that blinds her father's favorite dog, Roxy, she sets to making sure that Roxy will live out her days with care and not undergo euthanasia-a decision that leads to an amazing revelation about her family.


Marilyn Taniguchi/School Library Journal said...

...Frost casts a subtle spell through innovative storytelling. Her poems offer pensive imagery and glimpses of character, and strong emotion. This complex and elegant novel will resonate with readers who savor powerful drama and multifaceted characters.

Booklist said...

...this story in easy-to-read verse blends exciting survival adventure with a contemporary girl’s discovery of family roots and secrets.

Carrot in the stew said...

this book
and thought it
was a good READ. I
liked the main character
Willow, and how she tries
to grow up. THIS is a story
of friendship, coming of
age and true love for an
animal who is more
than just a furry
creature you keep
outside. It will
make you cry,
but it is a
great BOOK.
I will give this one 4 *'s

librarycat said...

This book was a very unique, with most of the story told in "diamond shaped poems, with a hidden message printed in darker ink in the center of each one". It's a good story, but some readers may be disturbed by the
Diamond/Roxy "connection" that was revealed at the end. I'll give it 4 stars****.