Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jumpy Jack & Googily

Jumpy Jack & Googily by Meg Rosoff, illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Meet Jumpy Jack, a very nervous snail who’s afraid of monsters, and Googily, who is a—well, who is a very good friend, indeed. Wherever they go, Googily kindly checks high and low just to make sure there are no scary monsters about. But as every child knows, monsters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are even blue with hairy eyebrows and pointy teeth.


Ken and Sylvia Marantz said...

...This is an amusing but reassuring story for fearful youngsters. Lift the jacket to see the contrasting cover.

Carrot in the stew said...

Amusing, somewhat
Reassuring, kind of
Jumpy Jack was cute.
2 **