Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Gone by Michael Grant


Elena/Barnes & Noble said...

...this book was truly amazing! i love the author and it just wow! i couldnt put it down till i finished! i hope that there is a second one, that would be pretty cool

Julia Beiker said...

...Do not expect anything to be as it seems for the reality turns quickly into fantasy...I feel that the characters are developed well, but there are too many to keep separate, even though the plot is your basic good against evil. I also found my mind drifting as the story seemed to drag on with no solution in sight, until all of a sudden our hero takes a stand and the problem is solved, which felt melodramatic. The story could have been condensed, which would probably have increased its appeal to a wider audience. Sometimes more should be less. The rapid twists and turns and extreme page lengths make the book more appropriate for the truly avid science fiction reader.

BookMuncher said...

...There is a lot of exciting action in this novel, and even though the kids’ powers sometimes seemed like they were taken from the movie The Incredibles, I still enjoyed it. I wanted to cheer and scream at the ending of the novel, and I really hope there will be a sequel to this book. Gone was simply an amazing book; I don’t think I can stress that fact enough, and I recommend it to everyone. This book is very thick, and I hope its length will not discourage anyone from reading this fantastic story.

La-la said...

I felt this book was to long. It could have benefited by more editing and less rambling.
I had a good feel for the characters and loved the good guys, hated the bad guys and hoped they would reform.
Who or what was the voice in the darkness.. I never did figure that out. Talking coyotes? Why did they want to be taught? To be human and kill? I didn't understand that part. I wonder if there won't be a sequel as the book ended but it felt like the author was going to continue the story in another book.
I wouldn't recommend this book to a younger reader, there is way to much violence.
I will give it 2 1/2 **.