Friday, July 4, 2008


Looks by Madeleine George
Meghan is obese, withdrawn, and angry. She is the elephant in the room that everyone talks about. Aimee is her physical opposite, a skinny, but also angry teen. Meghan becomes obsessed with her anorexic counterpart while Aimee becomes repulsed. Through a series of strange events, they become friends when they realize they have a common enemy.


Robin Henry/School Library Journal said...

...This gripping tale of revenge goes beyond the stereotypical "outsiders get even" story...Themes of invisibility, familial dysfunction, and fitting in are all explored...the ultimate conclusion is unsettling...Despite the loose ends, the story will make readers think about the various issues touched upon, and it is difficult to put down.

Kirkus Reviews said...

The author extracts adolescent fears and coping mechanisms with surgical precision. Her startling emotional and physical portraits leave readers captivated. Teens will instantly understand why Meghan and Aimee seek invisibility: When unseen, one's far less likely to be hurt or exposed. Readers living with eating disorders will find unflinching accounts of binges and starvation as well. Luminous language places teens inside Meghan's and Aimee's struggling minds and bodies.