Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Skim by Mariko Tamaki, drawings by Jillian Tamaki
Kim and Lisa share almost everything and understand what the other is feeling. They argue, go to parties together, share secrets, and are both unhappy. Their lives in high school are anything but pleasant, and actually are on the dark side. A boy commits suicide because he is gay, and Kim tries to find herself in tarot cards and Wicca. Kim comes from a broken home and has to split her time between her mom and dad who has a new girl friend. A favorite teacher leaves for a different job and this affects the students. Lisa is afraid Kim is getting depressed, and she is afraid Kim will commit suicide.


Kathie M. Josephs said...

...It is well written, yet not for every girl. Tough topics are covered. High schoolers may have their ups and downs, but a lot of laughter still occurs in classrooms today. It is not all dark the way this author portrays it. That being said, it is, nonetheless, an excellent book for students who lead troubled lives.

George Galuschak/KLIATT said...

...The little details are wonderful—the sun face on Ms. Archer's door; the Girls Celebrate Life bulletin board; Lisa tugging at Skim's jacket. Skim contains vulgarity (s and f-bombs), witches in training and tobacco use by minors. Highly recommended for high school graphic novel collections, especially those catering to girls.

Nate said...

I loved the art, and the way the main character ruminated thoughtfully about everything, even if she often did not understand everything. The book doesn't raise concrete conclusions about anything, and the absence of such makes the book far more appealing.