Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Apprentice's Masterpiece: A Story of Medieval Spain

The Apprentice's Masterpiece: A Story of Medieval Spain by Melanie Little
In this novel set in 15th-century Spain at the time of the Inquisition, prejudice, bigotry, and ignorance destroy the peaceful coexistence of Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The effects of this dismal history are dramatized in this story of two teens—Ramon, a Converso or converted Jew, and Amir, a Muslim who has been brought as a slave to Ramon's family.


Kathleen Foucart said...

...This is an amazing tale of survival and hard-won friendship during a time of intolerance and pain for many...a very good book to use in many different kinds of classes, from studying poetry to history, and also could be read on one's own for its message of hope amid struggles.

Renee Steinberg said...

...This riveting story is peopled by flesh-and-blood characters and replete with horrific historical detail. The challenging format renders it most appropriate for strong readers.