Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What the World Eats

What the World Eats, written by Faith D'Aluisio, photographed by Peter Menzel
Every day, millions of families around the world gatherat the table or on the floor, in a house or outdoorsto eat together. Ever wondered what a typical meal is like on the other side of the world? Or next door? Cultural geographers Peter Menzel and Faith DAluisio visited twenty-five families in twenty-one countries to create this fascinating look at what people around the world eat in a week. Meet a family that spends long hours hunting for seal and fish together; a family that raises and eats guinea pigs; a family that drinks six gallons of Coca-Cola a week.


Joyce Adams Burner said...

...A fascinating volume for browsing...useful for students in classes ranging from world cultures to economics to math to geography to current events.

librarycat said...

I loved this book--its like
"Material World" only with food! I think that kids would find it very interesting to see the different kinds of foods typical families in other parts of the world eat. Four stars****