Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson
When her former owner breaks his promise to set her free and ends up sending her to live with a cruel loyalist family at the start of the Revolutionary War, Isabel is heartbroken and so becomes determined to do whatever is necessary to win her freedom, including spying on her family to help the rebels win the war.

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Nan Hoekstra said...

...The windows into history open to readers of historical fiction. Chains leads the reader boldly into Isabel's world. This is the joy and magnetism of good historical fiction - it excites the imagination and curiosity! Quotes at the chapter beginning's introduce authenticity and primary sources. Halse Anderson's strong characterizations, action and dialogue combined with a beautiful presentation - cover, fonts, paper - make this book a winner and one I will recommend highly to my middle and high school readers. The details enrich the aliveness of history -- Ruth's doll, Isabel's brainpan, Madam's eyebrows...huzzah!