Saturday, September 27, 2008

Box Out

Box Out by John Coy
Liam has just been bumped up to starter on the varsity basketball team, and the pressure's on. With the girls' team heading to State, the boys' team is under even greater scrutiny than usual in Liam's small midwestern town. When the team's coach starts counting on the power of prayer---and enforcing teamwide participation---Liam finds himself in a spotlight that's more nerve-racking than any trip to the free-throw line. In trying to stand up for what's right, Liam is forced to stand up for himself---against his teammates, his fellow students, and even his parents.


Rob Reid said...

...this a good choice for both reluctant readers and strong readers who love sports and finding oneself. Chris Crutcher fans will also gravitate towards this book; both Crutcher and Coy are masters at putting the focus on the characters and drawing non-sports fans into the sports genre.

Kirkus Reviews said...

...simple, present-tense prose, lively basketball action and the moral tenor of the novel make this a solid choice for sports fans.