Thursday, September 25, 2008

Architecture by Birds and Insects: A Natural Art

Architecture by Birds and Insects: A Natural Art written and illustrated by Peggy Macnamara, foreward by David Quammen
Birds and insects are nature’s premier architects, using a dizzying array of talents to build functional homes in which to live, reproduce, and care for their young. Recycling sticks, branches, grass, and mud to construct their shelters, they are undoubtedly the originators of “green architecture.”A visual celebration of these natural feats of engineering and ingenuity, Architecture by Birds and Insects allows readers a peek inside a wide range of nests, offering a rare opportunity to get a sense of the materials and methods used to build them.

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David Quammen/Foreward said...

...keenly informative and ecologically astute, as well as lovely...Macnamara demonstrates an important truth: you can know a lot about a person, or a critter, from where he or she lives...