Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I, Lorelei

I, Lorelei by Yeardley Smith
In letters to her recently deceased cat Mud, eleven-year-old Lorelei chronicles the ups and downs of her sixth-grade year, during which her parents separate, she gets a part in the school play, and she becomes friends with the cutest boy in her grade. Read the first chapter here.

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Kirkus Reviews said...

...Despite writing that tends toward the oversimplified-at times the verisimilitude between this literary diary and the writings of an actual sixth grader is a little too good-the characterizations of Lorelei's antagonists are gratifyingly complex, revealing parents, bullies and teachers as imperfect but not villainous. A gently humorous outing...with a touch of slapstick to lighten the (slightly overplotted) poignancy.