Friday, February 20, 2009

Inside Nan: Just Show Up

Long story (not for my public place here) going on and deep in the night, last night, awake and in turmoil, I escaped into my Google Reader and read the feeds. This video presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert, posted by Longstockings, and TED (Ideas worth spreading) was the teacher I was awake for...For me it was 20 minutes of instruction and inspiration. And peace. And hope. I post it to encourage you, you probably know if you have the interest or the need to take the time.

Earlier in the day I read this post in James Preller's blog about revision. He used the phrase "messing with the second pass" to discuss ("stages of doubt and second-guessing") revision. He was talking about the writing and editing process of his new book Bystander (Fall, 2009). The post content was a clear window into his world but his words were about more than his work as I read them yesterday. He was embracing and celebrating the changes, the revision, the stages, the process, the journey...OK, at one point he wonders if "this is all too self-obsessed". I wanted to comment as soon as I read it but didn't -- I guess I had too much to say.
About how I suffer under process - the turmoil of it - the recognition of the need for change that spurs the turning away from what was toward what is next and necessary and right and good and knowing that it is never done but always another revision, another stage... Elizabeth Gilbert's illuminated talk focuses on visits of genius and creativity and the fragile vessels we are -- her point -- just show up for it, keep showing up.


jimmyprell said...

Thanks, Nan. It's funny, I always say that about parenting: 90% is just showing up. Being present.

It used to make me crazy when all the talk turned to "quality time" with our children. These great, enriching events. I felt, "No, no, it's about quantity time. Running errands, cooking dinner, reading separate things in the same room, and so on. That is, showing up.

Jenn said...

Funny thing. I was up in the deep dark night myself. Thinking these same thoughts while reading management theory. In particular the brilliant Mary Parker Follett.

Two applicable quotes from "Community is Process":

"But the truth is that the self is always in flux weaving itself out of its relations."

"The supreme object of my allegiance is never a thing, a "made." It is the very Process itself to which I give my loyalty and every activity of my life." said...

Thanks for this video clip posting. Yes, indeed. What fragile, precious vessels we are. With appreciation, EJS