Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Inside Nan: Volunteer Tuesday

Every Tuesday during the school year I traipse over to the local Middle School and read with a student. Sounds simple. It is simple. I participate in a program that pairs adult volunteers with students. That's all it is. I show up, the student comes from homeroom and we read together. Remember the post about Tribes? You can do it too, call your local middle school and make yourself available. Write an email to the principal, the librarian, the reading specialist, tell them what days and times you have available. Does this speak to you? Sure we can encourage parents to read to their own children - and I certainly support all efforts and campaigns to do so, but this is something you can do. When I come home from my reading time on Tuesdays I often wonder, why aren't more adults doing this? It is easy. It is important. Say, YES, I can. Say, YES, I will.

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