Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Inside Nan: The Secret Remedy Book: A Story of Comfort and Love

The Secret Remedy Book: A Story of Comfort and Love by Karin Cates, Wendy Anderson Halperin (Illustrator)
Lolly loves to visit her Auntie Zep. But when her mother and father leave her alone with Auntie Zep for a whole month, a great sadness develops in Lolly and she can't make it go away. So Auntie Zep finds the perfect remedy for Lolly's sadness, the Great-Great-Grandmother's Secret Remedy Book. The book contains seven different remedies for Zep and Lolly to share. Together they slowly drink fresh apple juice, plant a seed, feed a wild thing, read poetry, and much more.
Here's the Inside Nan -- here's what I love about this book: one child + one adult = remedy. OK, I'm still talking about the previous post. I love the collagy way of the illustrations, the pieced quilty page composition. I love the story - the movement, the dialogue, the unfolding... And, of course, the list of remedies. Here's a couple to savor:

"Plant a seed in good earth...keep the seed safe."

"Write a cheerful letter to some dear soul...put something unexpected in the envelope."

"Read in peace and quiet from a favorite book."

"Dream of doing great things...think of one small, great thing you can do tomorrow."

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