Friday, February 6, 2009

Inside Nan: Doing the Dishes

There is a window over the sink in the kitchen where I do the dishes. Now, when I do the dishes my intention is to do the dishes. But I always look out the window while I am doing the dishes and I often look at the bird feeders. Today a small brown sparrow was resting at the bottom of the bird feeder, inside that wire grid that keeps big birds and squirrels out. She was resting so quietly I wondered if she was dead but she moved her head from time to time and eventually flew away. I like to think she was rested, renewed, peaceful. I had a day off my regular library job today but I forgot to rest and be renewed and be peaceful. I thought about this again just now finishing up the last of the day's dishes. It is dark now and I can't see the bird feeder only my reflection in the glass. What do you see out the window over your sink?

3 comments: said...

thanks for your reflective window thoughts... and recent postings of books which offer such wonderful window views. with appreciation, EJS

Nan Hoekstra said...

Look for a post in the near future bringing your metaphor of books as windows...and mirrors..into the Anokaberry Annotated blog consciousness. I so look forward to your comments, you are often beside me as I read, reflect and post.

jimmyprell said...

Beautiful post, Nan -- I love that you are sharing this reflective side of yourself.

A long time ago I interviewed Charlotte Zolotow, and your post reminded me of that. And I quote:

- - - - -

Ideas, for Charlotte, come at these private times. She may be overcome by a mood or an emotion. The stories, it seems, come from her heart rather than her head. Charlotte explains, "When you're washing dishes or doing any manual task -- when you're thinking that you're not thinking -- that is the time when things really take shape."

- - - - -

I always loved that line: "When you're thinking that you're not thinking."